Yes, I WILL buy anything. Why do you ask?

Against my better judgement, I have now both purchased and eaten the official Maple Leafs doughnut. Apparently, when they make a run of these, they stop making the standard-issue sprinkle doughnut, which is what I actually wanted.

For a review, I can say the following: I am pleased to announce that it tastes more or less the same as the traditional rainbow-sprinkle doughnut it replaces, and they resisted the urge to charge an extra buck for it. This is always nice.

Still, I hate to take part in a particularly absurd exercise in marketing like this one, and I say that as a fan of this team. I can’t imagine making this purchase if I were, say, a Habs fan. Of course, if I were a Habs fan, particularly in this market, I would probably deserve to be force-fed these things on a regular basis.

I made the joke on PPP that Tim’s products were already Leafs-themed, because just like the Leafs, doughnuts have no centres. Now Grabbo and Bozak (to an extent) go and wreck that. Too bad. It was a good line.

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1 Response to Yes, I WILL buy anything. Why do you ask?

  1. robert0 says:

    This is a Tim Horton’s thing? I haven’t seen this in this neck of the woods 😦 I’m too far west, perhaps. I missed you cracking wise about the centers – PPP is a pretty darn busy forum! Glad you posted it here. Cheers!

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