Homer Bush and the greatest baseball record ever set

Homer Bush's 1999 Topps Traded card - standing on the precipice of immortality (and second base, to boot)

Over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius, there is a segment I love called “Everybody’s Got a Record.”  I admire it so much that I am going to liberate it for the moment.

Homer Bush, you see, has a record.  Oh sure, you say, there are records and then there are records.  You can have your 760-odd home runs, your 511 wins, your 5000 strikeouts.  Pshaw.  This is a record.

With five in 1999, Homer Bush set the all-time single-season major league record…

for homers…

by a guy named Homer.

You just can’t top that.

Homer's stats are so awesome they defy all efforts to scan them clearly

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2 Responses to Homer Bush and the greatest baseball record ever set

  1. dave h says:

    I can’t imagine why it just wasn’t a Clemens for Bush straight up trade….

    • 1967ers says:

      At this stage, it might as well have been. Looking at the rest of that team, you had Chris Carpenter and Roy Halliday, Shawn Green and Carlos Delgado. How could they have accomplished that little with that kind of base?

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