Taking the plunge on a 1971 Yaz

I hate buying things sight unseen.  While some people are bang on in their grading, others are a good grade – if not two – high in their assessments.  If a card has four bashed corners and a crease, it isn’t EXMT, no matter how favourably you interpret the standards.  It’s for this reason that I tend to stick to a handful of known dealers whose standards I’ve learned and whose stuff I trust.  To buy from anyone else, well, they’d better have a really good picture up.

That said, the 1971 OPC high numbers are a total pain.  In top grade or even slightly under, they invoke an eBay feeding frenzy that it’s rarely worth it to win.  While the commons are bad for this, the stars are worse.  The best success I’ve had in finding these things is at shops.

A few weeks back, I saw an online listing for a 1971 OPC Yaz in EXMT at a price that actually wasn’t out of line.  Fantastic!

But no picture.

I hemmed and hawed for a couple of days and finally pulled the trigger.  I figured that in the worst case scenario, I could probably put it on eBay and come within a few dollars of breaking even.

Finally, it got here:

This rocks.

The scan doesn’t show it, but there are a couple of edge bings that are probably factory.  EXMT is a more than decent call.  I’ll happily take it and cross Yaz off the list.  Now if only the same guy had the Clemente….

Bright yellow - that's OPC, all right.


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6 Responses to Taking the plunge on a 1971 Yaz

  1. WOW!!! I have the Topps version and it’s one of my favorite Yaz cards, but like you I’ve never wanted to pay the hefty price that most decent O-Pee-Chee examples seem to go for on eBay. What a score, nice pick-up!

  2. Shelly Stamps says:

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  3. I see Shelly has hit you up as well…..

    great card. Keep it up!

  4. Hi. I too am trying to put together a 71 OPC set. I’ve completed the set 1 – 523 and have recently started aquiring 524 – 752. I have 39 so far. I call mine a “poor man’s” set. Just wondering if you have any lesser quality in that range that you’d be willimg to sell or know where I could get them. Thanks for your time and good luck completing your set.


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