Dave Farrish was a Leaf, or so they tell me

Dave did play here - this is proof

The Leafs have hired Dave Farrish as a new assistant coach.  Like new head coach Randy Carlyle, he was a Leaf blueliner from days of yore.  Where Randy was traded away while still a youngster, Dave was around for a number of years.

It’s very unusual for me not to be able to call to mind a single thing about a player I obviously watched.  I know I have all of his cards and I can bring most of them to mind (the ’81-82 card where part of his face is obscured by a stanchion is a classic), but I can’t tell you a single thing about Dave Farrish the player.  I don’t have a single image of him skating, hitting, passing, scoring, whatever.  I can remember Val James, Marty Dallman, Tim Armstrong and a host of others who played far less than Dave did – I even remember the one game Jack Capuano played in Toronto – but scouring the memory banks for Dave Farrish brings me absolutely nothing.

They say the hallmark of a good defensive defenseman is that you don’t notice him when he’s out there.  If you notice him, he must have made a mistake.

By that standard, Dave Farrish could be the best defenseman in Leaf history.  I can’t say for sure.  I don’t remember.

Dave spent 1984-85 in the AHL and then joined the Flyers organization. His NHL days were done.

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4 Responses to Dave Farrish was a Leaf, or so they tell me

  1. Hah, I had never seen Farrish’s ’81-82 O-Pee-Chee card before but I just looked it up, what an awful photo! Hard to believe they didn’t have a single shot that was better than that one!

  2. handcollated says:

    I had a few hits yesterday from someone searching for Dave Farrish. Was that you?

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