Now THESE are minis

Teeny Tiny Peter had no stats at all.

This is a set that I’ve been debating getting into for years.  I finally found a perfect starter lot and the only regret I have is that I didn’t get into this a lot sooner.  I thought they looked cool from a distance, but now having the cards in hand, I’d call them something closer to awesome.

These are 2002-03 Parkhurst retro minis.  There were a number of Parkhurst releases that season, including a retro set that was a modern-sized clone of the milestone ’51-52 set.  A subset of the retro set was the mini set.  This was the same set, but produced at the same size as the originals.  There was a base set of 200 plus 50 short-printed rookies (highlighted by Spezza and Nash – thankfully no Crosby or anyone really absurd).

The cards are a pretty solid tribute to the original set.  The images are manipulated/washed-out colour shots rather than the colourized black-and-white shots used in 1951.  As a result, they’re actually a little less vibrant than the original.  They still work, though.  As a bonus, a ten-year-old player selection (that happens to land on a period I wasn’t collecting) means that there are still cards of Forsberg, Super Mario, Patrick Roy, etc.  It’s a fun set.

Two hotshot young goalies - 50 years apart.

Of course, the new cards are better-made.  1951-52 Parkhurst was cut with a paper cutter and collated in a cement mixer.  The new ones are both straight and centered – things which cost crazy sums of money for 1951-52.  The font is a tad smaller and there’s a bit less contrast, which doesn’t help with legibility.

The cards are exactly half the size of a modern card.  This is also true of the originals.  They’re a touch wider than the old cigarette cards, so finding an appropriate sheet to store them in is an issue.  As I’ve done with the 1951-52 set, they’ll fit in a sticker sheet, but not perfectly.

Standard sized cards look huge in comparsion.

With my lot now in hand, I’m at 179 of 200 base cards, plus two of the 50 short prints.  It’s a solid start and I should be able to salt away at least the base set this year.  It’s a lot easier than ’71 OPC baseball high numbers and 1950s hockey.

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4 Responses to Now THESE are minis

  1. Michael C says:

    Cool set, I’ve never seen those before! Good luck!

  2. Dave H says:

    Love that set….don’t have it yet myself, but I did see a great auction go for about 50 bucks on a set of the mini’s w/o sp’s

    The full size base card sets can be had for around 35 with shipping too…not as attractive though…

  3. very cool… another one from my dark period.

  4. Warren W says:

    I have been collecting this set for almost a decade now! I have many doubles etc. of the short printed rookies. I finished the full size rookie set and only need 2 of the mini rookies to complete me set. #221 Semenov and #230 Smirnov….both in mini size I need! The hardest cards to finish this set are the players that are no longer playing….because no one is posting them on ebay! If anyone can help me find those two minis I would like to trade or purchase from you. Thanks! my email is

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