Never too late for a Gordie

This is the same picture as the RC, just with a background this time.

Happy 84th birthday, big guy!  Here’s to continued health and good fortune.

I’m a little late to the party, but at least it isn’t midnight yet.  It’s still technically the birthday.

Gordie Howe’s story isn’t unfamiliar to much of anyone.  He scored his first NHL goal in 1946, his last in 1980.  In between, there were 799 others plus another 174 in the WHA.  He retired 28 years after this card was produced and suited up for several hundred games with two of his children.

Mister Hockey indeed.

There are a lot of Gordie Howe cards posted out there, but this is one I don’t see all that often.  I think it’s a cool one.  Look at the amount of text they crammed into a really, really small back.

Gordie also apparently grew an inch after the age of 24 because almost all his later cards list him at 6′, 205.

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