Given the likelihood of no NHL – euchre, anyone?

With the current lack of urgency on behalf of the various parties entrusted with starting the NHL season on time, there will be time to be spent on other pursuits.  I don’t really know basketball all that well, the Premier League is in an unfortunate time zone and the CFL is done early, so how about some cards?



Nobody?  Sweet!  I call Leafs trump and I’m going alone.

Right Bower

1968-69 OPC

Left Bower

1964-65 Topps


1933-34 OPC


1933-34 Ice Kings


1970-71 OPC

Four points, boys!  Rack ’em up!

Now, I grant the Bower-Bower-Ace-King-Queen is the better hand, but the only Queen I can think of is this one and it’s off-suit, which is worse than the ten.  That would take a four-point hand and make it a one-point hand.

1971 OPC

Now, you could swap the ten for another Ace:

Garnet was also known as “Ace.” I didn’t scan mine because I don’t think that far ahead. Hence I found this one.

Then you’d have both Bowers, Ace, King and an outside Ace, but it’s more fun to win with five trump cards.


Ye gads, please let the season begin on time.  My thought processes are degrading already…

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8 Responses to Given the likelihood of no NHL – euchre, anyone?

  1. kidkawartha says:

    Love it. I’m in.

  2. Kazi says:

    At leats Mel Queen has the Toronto connection

  3. I call a renege. There was only one Ace (Bailey). Great stuff , man.

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