Contest solved. Already. Wow.

Owner of the best ‘stache in hockey not belonging to Lanny McDonald.

The objective with the contest the way I was running it was to keep it going for at least four posts and preferably five or six.

To that end, I made the first clue deliberately vague and I wasn’t going to give anything even  moderately useful until clue #3.

Imagine my surprise Sunday night when I logged in to comment somewhere else and saw the following:

Colour me a) shocked and b) seriously impressed.

Clearly, I am not the only person who remembers Dennis Maruk.  Congrats to Captain Canuck (who I think I already have an address for – will verify this shortly) and I hope you enjoy Murray Oliver.  I will see to it that he has a couple of friends for the flight out west.  🙂

What this does, though, is make me take a bit of a better look at my clues.  I think the opening clue for the next version of this contest (either this afternoon or tomorrow) will have an opener something along the lines of “This may or may not have been a carbon-based lifeform.”

For the record, my other clues for Dennis Maruk were going to be as follows:

2) Despite huge scoring numbers in junior, I was passed over in the first round of the draft because of my size.

3) I played on four teams in my first four seasons – though I was only traded once (this was to lead people toward the Seals/Barons/North Stars or any other team that moved around)

4) With my fourth team, my scoring really took off and I was at least a point per game for five straight seasons.

5) I am one of only two 60-goal scorers for the team I played on.

6) Three of the four teams I played on no longer exist.

7) I had the best ‘stache in hockey outside of Lanny McDonald.

Congrats again to  Captain Canuck and I will start the next go-round of this as soon as I am sure it can’t be nailed on the first day.  🙂

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2 Responses to Contest solved. Already. Wow.

  1. that’s just the way I roll….. 😉

    a question though…. I’m going to work on my next OPC set. Either ’75/76 or ’76/77…. thoughts on either?

  2. 1967ers says:

    In terms of which to collect? In the best of the 70’s thing, I had ’75-76 5 spots ahead of ’76-77. Mainly because more interesting things are happening – you have the last real look at the Broad Street Bullies, the Habs team that broke through and started that great run to end the 70s, the last of Orr as a Bruin, Scouts as Scouts and Seals as Seals. ’76-77 has better front designs, but weaker backs, IMO.

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