Contest? Contest. Clue #2. Everyone needs a Norm. (Updated – winner!)

Clue #2 took more thought than I expected that it should – primarily because I was really in love with clue #3 and wanted to make sure I’d get to post it.  Seeing how fast my first contest ended and looking at the quality of answers I had for clue number one, I figured I’d best merge #2 and #3 and hope this survives one more post because I think the next clue is an interesting piece of trivia.

Today’s card for the pile is Norm Ullman’s 1961-62 Parkhurst card.  Norm is not perfect.  The top right corner has issues and there are some surface wrinkles that don’t scan, but the reason I have a ’61 Ullman at all for this is that he needed upgrading.   I would have bought this back in the mid-80s from a shop I liked in Burlington.

I love this set.  It has always been one of my favourites even though when you look at Parkhurst overall, it was clear they were starting to mail it in at this point.  For 1960-61 through 1962-63, they never updated the images.  They just swapped out the backgrounds.  They never made a writeup after 1960-61.  This year got the cartoons with the scratch-off punchline and while it’s a cop-out in terms of making a real back, it’s still fun.  The backs on these are rarely scratched off because a) they were readable anyway and b) the jokes weren’t worth the effort.

Clue #2: I was a hard-nosed winger who never took a shift off.  I left a big impression.

Clue #1: I got a new lease on life thanks to an expansion draft.

Prize pack to date: 1966-67 Topps Bob Wall, 1961-62 Parkhurst Norm Ullman

Guesses so far: Tomas Vokoun, JP Parise, Al Arbour, Bobby Baun, Brian Bradley, Scott Walker, Al Hamilton, John Vanbiesbrouck, Jacques Plante, Martin St. Louis.

Reader’s Digest humour at its finest.

UPDATE:  Captain Canuck does it again!  He presumably recognized that “He left a big impression” was in reference to this:

On the positive side, I can simply add these to the existing envelope and will try to use a different thought process for version 3.  🙂



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7 Responses to Contest? Contest. Clue #2. Everyone needs a Norm. (Updated – winner!)

  1. dave h says:

    Sticking with the Retro theme….Gerry Meehan?

  2. has to be Gary Dornhoefer

    how many guesses per clue?

    • 1967ers says:

      This is why I was holding off on mailing your winnings from the first of these. 🙂

      Had a feeling you’d nail the second one as well. I loved the “left a big impression” bit but I knew a Hab fan would pick up on it.

  3. thank you… Big Bird rules.

    in all honesty though, I would’ve said Dornhoefer even with just the hard nosed winger part….

  4. Shane.K says:

    Bryan Hextall Jr is my guess

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