Charity trivia contest – prize list

Hi all,

A couple of hockey bloggers are taking part in charity runs and thus have fundraising efforts.  I’m trying to help them out and, as such, have devised a little contest.  I’ve gone through my boxes of stuff and have pulled 30-odd (haven’t actually counted) cards from between 1955 and 1979 to offer up as prizes.  The objective is to have a trivia contest – 30 questions, 1-2 questions per day.  First to a correct answer gets a point, most points at the end gets first pick from the prize lot.

Now, this isn’t an exercise to see whether one gets a card at all – everyone who enters gets to pick from the lot.  The last person, by virtue of being last, even gets two.  What we’re competing for is draft order.

It’s $5 to enter ($2.50 to each of the runners) and again, everyone gets a selection.  While only a handful of cards are in the $7-15 range, there should be something to everyone’s taste.  Moreover, if there’s someone you’d like to see who isn’t there, let me know and I’ll see what I have knocking around.

These are the donation links:

Laura/The Active Stick

Sarah Connors

Step one is to make a $2.50 donation to each of them.  Step two is to let me know you’ve done it.  Step three (and this is important) is to give me a mailing address because otherwise, your winnings wind up in my basement.

Most importantly, here are the prizes up for grabs.  I have some stuff coming via mail that I’ll post as soon as I can scan it.

You’ll note the the prize pack is slightly Hab/Bruin-centric.  This is somewhat by design as The Active Stick is a Hab blogger while Sarah Connors writes for the Bruins.  Still, there is a Gordie Howe, a couple Bobby Clarkes and some vintage Leafs, Seals et al for the rest of us.

bunch of habs1Bunch of habs 2

Habs and Friends


bunch o bruinsbunch of bruins2

misc friendsmore friends

You’ll note (if you’re sharp-eyed) that the 1957-58 Don McKenney and the 1971-72 Pete Mahovlich both appear twice.  There is only one card of each.  Scanning isn’t always clean.  🙂

Please wander over to Pension Plan Puppets, who has been nice enough to host the contest, to see the main thread.


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