Finally – an Orr auto

Bobby Orr - 1978-79 OPC - hand signed

Now this is cool.

And it isn’t even Colton.

I’ve never been a huge collector of autograph cards. I don’t actively dislike them, but I’m usually chasing vintage sets and most modern auto cards don’t really fit that profile.  I have a few things here and there signed by players I find interesting, but since I’m rarely looking for them, I tend not to get many.

One name I’ve long wanted, though, is Bobby Orr.  I’ve kept tabs on his autograph cards for years.  They were always too expensive and not something I could really justify.  For the longest time, any Orr autograph was an absolute lock to go for over $100 and usually at least $125.

What has happened, though (and I’m not complaining as it works to my benefit), is that with every new release, there are new Orr autographs and this has gone on long enough that the unthinkable is occurring – Orr autos are coming down in price.  Cards that three or four years ago would run $125 are now sliding down into the $80-$90 range and sometimes you can catch a break and get one for even less.  I would never have thought that Orrs would be plentiful enough that I could find one, but it has now happened (so maybe now I need two).

This clearly isn’t a modern release, it’s the 1978 OPC retirement card, but it has been impacted by the same phenomenon.  It’s in great shape and came with a certificate of authenticity from “the official Orr store” as well as being PSA/DNA certified so I guess I can trust it.

I love hand-signed vintage cards.  Part of it is that I like the old releases better anyway, but there’s something about a veteran player signing one of his old cards that’s just nice.  The card is also in great shape, which helps.  There are a few sets where I’ve added a hand-signed card into the mix, taking a spot in the binder along with all the rest.  This one, though, will stay in its case.  It’s special.

Bobby Orr - 1978-79 OPC - hand-signed


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4 Responses to Finally – an Orr auto

  1. true story… I’m in the card shop a week or so back and the owner cracks open a box of the new Trilogy for fun.
    His big hit was one of the ‘puck’ cards signed in gold ink by……….. Bobby Orr.

    He sighs and says “just my luck, another Orr auto. Why can’t I get anything good?” He then puts it in a top loader and puts it in a case beside…… at least another dozen Orr autos from this year’s products that he’s pulled.

    Now, he knows an Orr auto is a good card, but he just has so many already, not even counting previous year’s pulls, that he’s saturated with them.

    • 1967ers says:

      It’s sad. Collectors demand the big names each and every year, but it goes directly counter to the values of the stuff they have already. It’s why I just don’t believe the new stuff will hold value.

  2. Dave H says:

    Damn…I was hoping for Colton…

    I too just landed my first Orr auto as well, alas it isn’t as nearly as cool as yours but it is on card which sadly many aren’t these days.

    Canuck you are also right which is both good and bad for collectors. More means easier access but many autos like Orr’s once upon a time they were much more heralded than they are now.

    Now if only Gretzky autos could be flooded onto the market.

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