Happy Birthday Mr. Hockey!

Gordie Howe - 1952-53 ParkhurstGordie Howe turns 86 today, which means that he has now been retired (34 years) for as long as his NHL/WHA career actually took to play (1946-80).

The most famous card of Gordie is probably his RC.  One that doesn’t get the recognition is this one, which is his second card (1952-53).  It uses a slightly more visible version of the same picture but has the added benefit of a wordy back and more complete stats.

I lucked into this one years ago. Somebody’s sniper program must have had a glitch.  It’s in fantastic shape and the final bid can’t have made anyone very happy – anyone other than me, that is.

Gordie Howe - 1952-53 Parkhurst back

You could get a sense of how important a player was by the amount of text Parkhurst crammed into the back. Gordie and the Rocket got the most.

From Gordie’s later career, this is a card that I’ve always been fond of that you don’t see all that often.  It’s just a posed shot like so many WHA cards were, but I like it all the same. Gordie was still in peak form, scoring 100 points per season or thereabouts and being centered by his son.  Unthinkable, really.

Gordie Howe - 1975-76 OPC WHA

Happy birthday, big guy, and continued health and associated good things.

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