Another Expo in the books

The Spring and Fall Expos are three days of card-filled fun and frolic of which I get to experience the first 90 minutes – if I’m lucky.  As such, I need a fairly specific plan when I get there just to make sure I have some idea what I’m doing.  This year, the plan was to get a couple of cards from the six outstanding 1957-58 Topps I have left, add a couple nice 1957-58 Parkhursts, a set I’ve generally ignored and that is REAL tough and then see what I could do with either ’60-61 Topps or find a bunch towards my ’73-74 OPC master set.

The only thing that would deter me was a really nice ’52-53 Dickie Moore RC, as it’s the last of the big uglies I need for that set.

As it turned out, I did find a pair of Moores – the first was lovely but about twice what I was willing to pay, the second was nice and cheap but missing alarming amounts of its back.

I stuck with plan A.

a bunch of stuff from 1957-58

The two at left are the ’57-58 Parkies, the two at right are the ’57-58 Topps, so now I’m down to four to finish that set.  I think it’s doable since there’s only one semi-big card in the lot.

I didn’t find any ’73-74 OPC that I thought were worth what was being charged, so I went the “fun with vintage” route instead.  Did a little damage to my ’58-59, ’60-61 and ’61-62 Topps sets:

more old stuff

The Hay RC and the Morrison are ’60-61s, Don McKenney is a ’58-59 and the last three are ’61-62s.  The one at right was an error on my list, so it’s a dupe.  Good thing I know a Ranger fan.

There was one oddball little thing I found that I was happy to bring home, and it’s the serendipity purchase of the day.  A single soccer vendor had a bunch of the new Topps release and I nabbed an Arsenal team set:


I hadn’t expected to see these.  Stats on the back are a tad thin, but it’s fun all the same. He might have had some of the relics or autos, but I didn’t bother asking.

Good show all in all, and once again, I got home with money in my pocket and my traders still with me.  Maybe this November….

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2 Responses to Another Expo in the books

  1. Mark hpyle says:

    Very nice additions.

  2. shanediaz82 says:

    Great stuff all around, love those soccer cards, hard to find them at a reasonable price…

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