1957-58 Topps – and then there were three

Camille Henry - 1957-58 ToppsAt the beginning of the year, when I was looking at projects and goals, I felt there was only one vintage set that I had a reasonable chance of finishing. That was 1957-58 Topps.

This was Topps’ second offering.  It’s not as famous as the ’54-55 debut set, but it has a clean look and a boatload of RCs and has long been a favourite of mine.  I’ve been poking away at it more or less forever.

Camille Henry brings me up to 63 of 66 cards.  None of the remaining three (actually two – one arrived but remains unscanned) are bad ones, though I have four upgrades outstanding and two of those are particularly ugly.

I’ve always liked the backs of these cards, even though the colour choice is a little on the garish side.  I note that Camille is listed at 5’10”, 155.  This is rather slight for a hockey player.  It’s also a lie.  He might have been 5’10”, 155 in full equipment.  He was not a large person.

Camille Henry - 1957-58 Topps back


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2 Responses to 1957-58 Topps – and then there were three

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    Congrats on the near completion

  2. Tony says:

    Hall, Ullman, Bucyk, Pilotte rookies plus big cards of Howe and Sawchuk put this out of reach for quite a few people but another gem from a collectors point of view. Strong veteran presence, super rc content and a very simple but colourful design (love the orange bruins) make it a true keeper. You have done very well to have almost put this one to bed.

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