Mike Corrigan – the accidental wallet card

Mike Corrigan - 1973-74 OPC

Mike looks primed for the journey

I’ve greatly enjoyed reading the various reasons that people have had for choosing their 2015 wallet cards.  Many have put significant thought into their choice and have deep personal reasons for choosing a card that will accompany them on their journeys through the year.

For me, my card will be this 1973-74 OPC Mike Corrigan.


Because it was already in my pocket.

Our two-year-old was getting into his siblings’ Pokemon cards over the holidays.  In order to spare the older kids further grief, I went into the card room and grabbed the first double that I would permit to be further mangled by a tiny tot (I put it in a top loader – I’m not a complete savage).  This was Mike.

As two-year-olds are wont to do, he played with Mike for a few minutes and then moved on to some other thing.  Mike wound up mixed in with the passcards and assorted nonsense I carry back and forth to work in my shirt pocket.  He has been a good travelling companion thus far, so he wins the nod for this contest.

Look at him – he seems to be up for pretty much anything.  He makes sense.

This is Mike at rest at home:

Mike and Canadiana

This radio sits on a larger radio next to the closet door that held the box that Mike lived in.  (Sounds like part of a nursery rhyme, no?)  That’s a Northern Electric rainbow – but the poshier one with the short-wave band and centre knob.

The journey begins.

Here is Mike on a frozen winter road at dusk next to the latest car I have fallen for – a Saab 900 turbo.  This, of course, is the wallpaper on my work monitor.  This is also known as cheating.  Then again, it’s cold outside.  Real pictures can come later.

He went to Scandinavia! Really!

The Saab 900 is high on my to-do list – unless an awesome 9000 appears first.


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1 Response to Mike Corrigan – the accidental wallet card

  1. commishbob says:

    Great story and a fine choice, welcome to #walletcard, Mike Corrigan

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