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Good thing Bobby speaks for himself

I’ve been up to my eyeballs and any thoughts of a richer post today went up in smoke when the snowstorm hit and brought hours of shoveling in its wake.  So in lieu of anything thoughtful, I offer this.  This … Continue reading

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Comparing ’59s

Not that long after I made the Bobby Tiefenauer post I found that all his Toronto stats (at least from the first go-round) could be found on his ’59 Topps card.  I didn’t have any of this set and I … Continue reading

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Joy of a completed set – 1963-64 Topps

When I went to the Fall Expo in Toronto last weekend, I had a very small set of targets.  I wanted to get the last two cards I needed from ’63-64 Topps, snag maybe two ’63-64 Parkhurst (getting me down … Continue reading

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1965-66 Topps Bobby Hull – THIS got a PSA 6? Really?

I don’t have a lot of use for graded cards.  I find that the slabs make for difficult storage, they take up too much space and they make the cards hard to flip through.  My preference is still the 9-pocket … Continue reading

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Perhaps the craziest card back Topps ever tried

It’s just my theory, but I think that when Topps wanted to try something, the basic thought process went something like this: if the idea is a sure-fire winner, it was always implemented in baseball first. Baseball was the bread-and-butter, … Continue reading

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