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More trades and things that are fun to say

The trade package I received from Shane at Shoebox Legends was great not just because it included a bunch of interesting cards I didn’t have, but also that it contained a bunch of types of cards I’d never had.  The … Continue reading

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In praise of shiny things

I’ve collected cards on and off since 1976 or ’77 and in all of that time I’ve never had a shiny one.  There have been shiny stickers, I suppose.  I don’t think those really count. This absence of shininess was … Continue reading

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The greatest trade a sixth-grader could ever make

When I was a kid, old cards were cool.  Now, I happen to think they’re still cool, but back in the day we all thought they were cool.  This year’s cards were great and all, but if you could get your hands … Continue reading

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