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In memory of Tim Horton

I’ve actually had bought from Tim Horton’s twice this morning without realizing that today is the 40th anniversary of his death.  Hard to fathom that he’d be 84 years old and one of the richest people in Canada. Not bad … Continue reading

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This is a picture of who, exactly?

My dad is a twin.  An old picture of him and his brother has the following unsigned note on the back:  “The one on the left is me, I think.” So we don’t know who wrote the note and even … Continue reading

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My favourite Tim Horton story (and his RC)

Shows what I know. Skinny Reimer was every bit as effective as not-quite-so-skinny Reimer and I’ll enjoy this moment of him leading every conceivable goaltending category while it lasts. He even mimicked the Belfour shutout I alluded to yesterday. Good … Continue reading

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Leafs by the numbers – who was the best for each sweater number?

Hockey’s back! It’s the first game of the preseason and you can’t tell the players without a program.  Actually, you probably can’t tell most of them with a program either, given there are 70 different players in camp including 30-odd … Continue reading

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What, pray tell, is a diamond cut?

It’s always interesting when a term that one assumes to be universally understood turns out instead to be just part of the local vernacular. Years ago, when I was at a summer job working with tourists, I gave someone from … Continue reading

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