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A couple of old-school box hits

A few weeks back, Luke of the Cardboard Review pondered just what one would have to do to make base sets relevant again.  His solution was basically what card companies have been doing – make the sets really big, offer … Continue reading

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More things one notices – the error in the Gretzky RC

Yesterday I thought I had a neat little factoid about Glen Hanlon – that in his first 3 1/3 NHL games (4 appearances), he had two shutouts and was lit up for 9 goals in the remaining 80 minutes. Stephen … Continue reading

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More trades and things that are fun to say

The trade package I received from Shane at Shoebox Legends was great not just because it included a bunch of interesting cards I didn’t have, but also that it contained a bunch of types of cards I’d never had.  The … Continue reading

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