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A new final card for Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr retired November 8, 1978.  This was before the OPC print run was complete (cards usually hit the stores somewhere around January, if I recall correctly), so there was time to make a special retirement card for him.  He … Continue reading

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A home for a classic radio

I didn’t watch Chicago get those two quick goals last night to win the Stanley Cup.  I heard it on the radio.  I’d like to say it was on this radio at left, but it was on a nodescript clock … Continue reading

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Great football (UK) cards – John Roberts

I’d been planning on doing another ’52 Bowman, or maybe some hockey, but this post reminded me just how much fun I had with 1975 Topps UK Footballers and I had to post another one of them.  This is John … Continue reading

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Collecting vintage when you cheer for an expansion team

It’s not a great hardship in the grand scheme of things, but one irritant of collecting vintage baseball is that my team is missing.  I finished the OPC sets after 1977 ages ago and at the moment I’m working on … Continue reading

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Adam Lind appears in the mail

I should trade more.  It’s not that I don’t like trading or that I’m naturally antisocial (well, not excessively antisocial, anyway), I just never get around to it.  There are currently four trade packages I have sitting around, waiting to … Continue reading

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My offering to Bruins fans – have some cheese

Many moons ago, I used to draw things.  It was part hobby, part school – but I enjoyed it and it was fun. Eventually, career and family took precedence and I didn’t so much quit as simply stop.  I just … Continue reading

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