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Aphantasia – “You have an extremely unusual way of solving problems!”

When I was in fourth-year architecture, I took an elective course in multidimensional geometry. (Yes, I did this on purpose. It was a great course.) In the opening lecture, the professor stood at the front of the class and asked … Continue reading

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The top 100 (soon to be 110) Leafs of all time

It’s centennial time! (Not really.) (Well, sort of – if you’re feeling kind of generous with your definitions.) (The 100th anniversary of the first game involving the team that mostly technically is now the Toronto Maple Leafs will happen on Dec. … Continue reading

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Welcome, Auston Matthews!

No Pressure: But honestly – just be solid.  For the first time in many, many years, there might be some help.

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On Saying Goodbye to Your Captain (aka Where Have All the Captains Gone?)

It has now been a little over a week since the Leafs sent Dion Phaneuf to Ottawa, rendering the Leafs captainless for a third time. Fan reaction was about what one would expect – equal parts acceptance, glee and despair. What … Continue reading

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The best Toronto Expo yet (1971 baseball everywhere!)

The blog went dormant for a long time.  There are myriad reasons for this, most notably that I’ve been absurdly busy, but just as important is that for most of this year, I’ve been poking away at the 1971 high … Continue reading

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The ’74 OPC Hank Aarons – how six cards became nine

1974 Topps baseball opens with a six-card Hank Aaron tribute set that displays all of his previous Topps cards and lists personal records and season highlights on the back.  Other than card #1, they’re all done exactly the same way … Continue reading

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A successful spring expo

A week ago today, the Toronto Spring Expo started.  I only get to two card shows per year – this one and the Fall one.  They’re excellent shows but I attend them specifically for two reasons: they are accessible (not … Continue reading

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May you live in interesting times (and ’71 ball!)

“Interesting times” means things like blogs fall by the wayside for a spell.  I’ve got scans of all the great things Fuji sent me, but can’t write any of them up yet because I need to research them to sound … Continue reading

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More tinkering with the 70-71 customs

Fixing the 1970-71 Topps/OPC hockey set is becoming a minor obsession.  All the way back here (images on the link are dead, so it’s of limited use until I fix them) I noted that the set was basically an inverted 1971 … Continue reading

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Christmas comes early – Fuji-style

When I finished off the last post, I mused that I needed a new project – something that shouldn’t be a bank buster and something that feels a little different than what I’ve been doing lately. That very day, an … Continue reading

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