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Small things come in small packages

Sometimes you get down to the last card you need to complete a set and it’s the toughest of the tough rookies.  Sometimes it’s the key card of key cards.  Sometimes it’s a card you’ve left out because it has … Continue reading

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A good use of five dollars and why Carol Vadnais is a bad person

I don’t pick up a lot of game-used or autograph cards as I usually find them disappointing.  Nobody seems to know whether the artifacts are legitimate anymore, though I do trust in my event-used Anton Stralman patch card.  (Yes, Anton … Continue reading

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More trades and things that are fun to say

The trade package I received from Shane at Shoebox Legends was great not just because it included a bunch of interesting cards I didn’t have, but also that it contained a bunch of types of cards I’d never had.  The … Continue reading

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Now THESE are minis

This is a set that I’ve been debating getting into for years.  I finally found a perfect starter lot and the only regret I have is that I didn’t get into this a lot sooner.  I thought they looked cool … Continue reading

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Modern cards I actually like

I tend to post a lot of (or perhaps nothing but) vintage and the reasonable inference would be that I either don’t like or don’t collect anything modern.  To an extent, this is true – but only to an extent. … Continue reading

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