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Where did the seals go?

Took the kids to the Toronto Zoo last week to see the elephants.  It’s not exactly clear just how much longer the zoo is going to have elephants, given a recent kerfuffle about the living conditions an elephant requires in … Continue reading

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Given the likelihood of no NHL – euchre, anyone?

With the current lack of urgency on behalf of the various parties entrusted with starting the NHL season on time, there will be time to be spent on other pursuits.  I don’t really know basketball all that well, the Premier … Continue reading

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Kotter #6 – Hey, Hey, Ronnie

I was thinking about Ron Palillo on the day that he died last week.  I had pretty much settled on the idea that this card was going to be about the lockout and was working on the normal “how do … Continue reading

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Best of the 70s #13 – 1974-75 Lipton Soup

This is sort of an odd set to write up in that it’s the only one of these profiles for a set I haven’t finished.  I have the grand total of six of these cards, so a lot of the … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These….

My high school wasn’t too big into athletics.  If you’d head down the hallway toward the gymnasium, you’d notice this endless series of black-and-white photos of championship teams in all manner of sports – all of which stopped dead after … Continue reading

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Joy of a completed page – 1969 OPC baseball

Lost in the excitement of the arrival of the 1979-80 hockey box (and ’78-79 box that I haven’t yet had the time to fully dig through) was a minor accomplishment with a set I’ve been slowly picking away at – … Continue reading

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Mystery box – 1979

A couple weekends back, I was detoxing.  I’m not sure precisely how I was convinced to do this, but the upshot of the story was that about five minutes after I started it was decided that we would host a … Continue reading

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