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Who REALLY lost the Kessel trade? REALLY?

We did. The fans. For the last year and a half, we’ve had a kid on our team with great wheels, a laserbeam of a wrist shot and sniper’s instincts and we haven’t even been permitted to enjoy him. The … Continue reading

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The joy of bad cards

Sometimes cards are so bad that they’re actually kind of compelling. I’m not sure this is one of those times. To make these cards more memorable, I think you really need to make them worse. Full story at PPP.

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Kotter #3 – Nobody told me there would be any math

One of the first sets I ever collected was the OPC Welcome Back Kotter release from 1976. I’m revisiting it in the context of Leafs hockey over at

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Yes, I WILL buy anything. Why do you ask?

Against my better judgement, I have now both purchased and eaten the official Maple Leafs doughnut. Apparently, when they make a run of these, they stop making the standard-issue sprinkle doughnut, which is what I actually wanted. For a review, … Continue reading

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