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Pit Martin – Tall Boy #1

Good thing the Jays bats came alive last night, otherwise I’d be looking about as grim as Pit Martin does on this card.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have any money riding on any of last night’s hockey games.  … Continue reading

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The Leafs post-mortem I should have done weeks ago

I probably should have done my Leafs post-mortem back when it might have been timely – say, for example, when the season ended. The heart just wasn’t in it, though. Had they managed to pull it off and make the … Continue reading

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Perhaps the craziest card back Topps ever tried

It’s just my theory, but I think that when Topps wanted to try something, the basic thought process went something like this: if the idea is a sure-fire winner, it was always implemented in baseball first. Baseball was the bread-and-butter, … Continue reading

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My Jackie

In baseball cards, for the most part, I’ve stuck to OPC. The reason for this, primarily, is that I’m a shameless homer. These were the cards I had as a kid, they were the ones you could buy north of … Continue reading

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Transforming meh into a legend

I’ve long considered the design for 1970-71 hockey to be one of the weakest out there. There’s no real sizzle to it. The image is a simple rectangle, the text is black on white, there’s a hint of colour in … Continue reading

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Dick Rudolph – a Maple Leaf from 1909 (T206)

I’m torn. The Leafs have been on fire and have made a really impressive (if likely doomed) run and I’d love to write about them, but the simple fact is that they seem to do significantly better if I don’t. … Continue reading

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