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How on earth is this a PSA 6?

I have very little use for graded cards in principle, but I am a big fan of the PSA 6. A good PSA 6 card will still look like it just came out of a pack, but the centering is … Continue reading

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More mucking about with Orr customs

Just a thought – what if the knee had given us a couple more seasons?  This might have been part of 1980-81 OPC… Orr, all things being equal, should have played until at least 1983.  I should do the rest … Continue reading

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Joy of a completed page – 1952-53 Parkhurst

I got my first 1952-53 Parkhurst in late summer, 1983, from a little card shop in Burlington, ON.  We had just moved to the province and part of the consolation prize was the sudden availability of vintage card shops the … Continue reading

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Mike Corrigan – the accidental wallet card

I’ve greatly enjoyed reading the various reasons that people have had for choosing their 2015 wallet cards.  Many have put significant thought into their choice and have deep personal reasons for choosing a card that will accompany them on their … Continue reading

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