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In memory of Tim Horton

I’ve actually had bought from Tim Horton’s twice this morning without realizing that today is the 40th anniversary of his death.  Hard to fathom that he’d be 84 years old and one of the richest people in Canada. Not bad … Continue reading

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Landing a whale so white it’s basically clear

I’d like to say this card is hockey’s Andy Pafko, but it really isn’t.  The 1951-52 Elmer Lach is Andy Pafko.  If anything, this card is worse.  It’s also the first card in a set and prone to getting bashed, … Continue reading

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Set blog – 1964-65 Topps Tall Boys

When I first set this site up, one of the projects I wanted to tackle was a hockey set, much like I was seeing done elsewhere on the net for baseball. I wrote a few entries, interspersed with whatever else … Continue reading

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A couple of old-school box hits

A few weeks back, Luke of the Cardboard Review pondered just what one would have to do to make base sets relevant again.  His solution was basically what card companies have been doing – make the sets really big, offer … Continue reading

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Small things come in small packages

Sometimes you get down to the last card you need to complete a set and it’s the toughest of the tough rookies.  Sometimes it’s the key card of key cards.  Sometimes it’s a card you’ve left out because it has … Continue reading

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