In memory of Tim Horton

Tim Horton - 1965-66 Topps

I’ve actually had bought from Tim Horton’s twice this morning without realizing that today is the 40th anniversary of his death.  Hard to fathom that he’d be 84 years old and one of the richest people in Canada.

Not bad after all the other attempts at businesses that didn’t work out.  The one I found most interesting was a fried chicken restaurant for which Tim himself did most of the deliveries.

My favourite story about the doughnut shops came from Open Ice – the Tim Horton Story.  Tim had some construction experience and did some of his own work on the early shops.  One day, he was digging a foundation when a group of schoolkids came by, led by their teacher.  One looked down and said, “Hey! That’s Tim Horton!”  The teacher replied, “Yes, and if you don’t do your schoolwork, you’ll end up digging ditches just like him.”

Tim Horton - 1965-66 Topps back

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