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Best of the 70s #16 – 1973-74 Quaker Oats WHA

I tend to be of the mindset that anything that I can’t really explain about why something was or wasn’t produced in cards is probably tied to licensing issues.  I have no other reason to explain why there was no … Continue reading

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Best sets of the 70s #17 – 1977-78 OPC

This is a little project I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while.  I just needed to build up a better scan library and get through the ranking process in my head.  I’ve seen a number of different attempts to … Continue reading

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Dream card found – the OPC Koufax

One of my favourite things in the card collecting universe is the seller who significantly discounts an otherwise NM card because it’s off-centre.  I like this because, as I’ve said before, off-centre is the normal state of being for someone … Continue reading

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1963-64 Parkhurst – and then there were two

When I last looked at it, the 1963-64 Parkhurst set was down to five cards that were missing (and a pair that needed upgrading).  An opportune pickup has dropped the number of missing cards down to two.  It could have … Continue reading

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My first MLB game as captured by Topps

On Oct. 6, 1985, I went to my first big-league game (I’d seen a number of minor league games in Calgary).  My best friend had gotten tickets and his dad was going to bring us down to Exhibition Stadium to … Continue reading

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Kotter #4 – the original 24/7?

One of the recurring little subplots of Welcome Back Kotter was the distinction between private and public existence and the tensions that could come when the boundaries between them were breached.  The show would often start with these idyllic little … Continue reading

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More trades and things that are fun to say

The trade package I received from Shane at Shoebox Legends was great not just because it included a bunch of interesting cards I didn’t have, but also that it contained a bunch of types of cards I’d never had.  The … Continue reading

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