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1976 Topps collectors – please explain this Reds Team card

I was a mere two cards away from finishing my 1976 OPC baseball set.  One of the missing was the Dennis Eckersley RC.  (Note to self – don’t ever leave the big rookie until the end again.  It’s just bad … Continue reading

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Is this the greatest Leif card of all time?

This might be my new favourite card.  At the very least, it’s the one that brings the biggest smile to my face when I’m looking at it.  It is every bit as much fun in person as it appears to … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers 2: Hank Ciesla edition (1963-64 Parkhurst)

Hank Ciesla is a name that was always kind of familiar to me.  It was a picture of Hank’s rookie card that was used to illustrate the 1958-59 Topps set in the first hockey price guides put out by Cartophilium … Continue reading

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Quote of the day – Kelly Gruber re. dealing with fans

“My parents wouldn’t let me act like a turd.” – Kelly Gruber on the Jeff Blair show (FAN590), discussing how some players wished fans would approach them in the minors, then were suddenly “too busy” when they got to the … Continue reading

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Leafs by the numbers – who was the best for each sweater number?

Hockey’s back! It’s the first game of the preseason and you can’t tell the players without a program.  Actually, you probably can’t tell most of them with a program either, given there are 70 different players in camp including 30-odd … Continue reading

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Vintage on-card autos – 1955-56 Maurice “Rocket” Richard

Would you have a player sign a really nice vintage card? This was the question Sal asked yesterday at Puck Junk.  He had a nice-looking ’63-64 Parkhurst card of Bill Gadsby that, had he bought it slightly earlier, would have … Continue reading

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1970-71 Esso Power Player stamps

I’ve talked about these before (although I haven’t done it here), but I found something nifty enough to merit doing it again.   If you were getting gas in 1970 (the kind that goes in your car) and you happened to … Continue reading

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Rob Cimetta and lessons from the South Tower

Rob Cimetta came to the Leafs in a November, 1990 deal with Boston.  The Leafs had stumbled out of the gate in disasterous fashion after a really promising year the season before.  Making matters worse was the fact that they … Continue reading

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Remembering Igor

I wanted to write about Igor Korolev today.  Of all the people who were lost in that terrible plane crash of yesterday, Korolev was not only the player whose card I had scanned and at the ready, he was also … Continue reading

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How many legends can you find? 1973-74 OPC Dave Keon

If the objective of the photograph on a sports card is to present a clear, recognizable image of the player in question, then this card is a dismal failure.  If you didn’t already know what Dave Keon looked like, you’d … Continue reading

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