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1965-66 Topps Bobby Hull – THIS got a PSA 6? Really?

I don’t have a lot of use for graded cards.  I find that the slabs make for difficult storage, they take up too much space and they make the cards hard to flip through.  My preference is still the 9-pocket … Continue reading

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Homer Bush and the greatest baseball record ever set

Over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius, there is a segment I love called “Everybody’s Got a Record.”  I admire it so much that I am going to liberate it for the moment. Homer Bush, you see, has a record.  … Continue reading

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Simply Awesome (II) – Charlie Conacher 1936-37 OPC V304D

I was talking the other day about having an “Indiana Jones” moment with the Gordie Howe card – that instant of total wonder when confronted with the reality of something that had only existed (at least in my experience) as … Continue reading

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Simply Awesome – Gordie Howe 1979-80 OPC

A few days back, Night Owl brought up the notion of a fitting final card for a player.  The first thing that jumped to my mind was this – the 1979-80 OPC Gordie Howe.  I love this card.  I saw … Continue reading

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Trivia – who is the only player to play for the Maple Leafs in hockey AND baseball? (Hint: Babe)

I’ve been on a bit of a Toronto Maple Leafs baseball kick lately (not that I’ve been writing about it) and one of the things I’ve been searching for are players who were part of both the Leafs and the … Continue reading

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