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Never too late for a Gordie

Happy 84th birthday, big guy!  Here’s to continued health and good fortune. I’m a little late to the party, but at least it isn’t midnight yet.  It’s still technically the birthday. Gordie Howe’s story isn’t unfamiliar to much of anyone.  … Continue reading

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Hey Abbott! Where’s Costello? He’s been here twice already.

Yesterday, the Leafs signed a college kid named Spencer Abbott.  I know rather little about him other than the fact that he’s not very tall (so he’s more Costello than Abbott already), so all I can really say is that … Continue reading

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In praise of shiny things

I’ve collected cards on and off since 1976 or ’77 and in all of that time I’ve never had a shiny one.  There have been shiny stickers, I suppose.  I don’t think those really count. This absence of shininess was … Continue reading

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Gee, Woody, more old-school Parkie minis!

Do they count as minis if this was the standard size of the set?  Probably not.  They’re small, though. 1952-53 is one of my favourite sets.  I say this about a lot of sets, but if there were only four … Continue reading

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The best $25 I ever spent (on cards, anyway)

In the summer of 1984, I visited a little card/antique shop in London, Ontario.  I was there with a buddy of mine from out West and we were staying at his grandmother’s place for a couple of days.  Somehow we … Continue reading

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Boom Boom and Crash – nobody has nicknames like this anymore

I don’t know if it’s fair to say that great sports nicknames are completely a thing of the past, but they’re certainly nowhere near as plentiful as they once were.   Far too many (particularly in hockey) take the format of … Continue reading

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One of the tougher Orr inserts

There are a number of sets that I’ve basically avoided dealing with because I know there’s a really nasty (read “both expensive and popular”) card in it that I really don’t want to try and get.  The insert set from … Continue reading

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Now THESE are minis

This is a set that I’ve been debating getting into for years.  I finally found a perfect starter lot and the only regret I have is that I didn’t get into this a lot sooner.  I thought they looked cool … Continue reading

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Dave Farrish was a Leaf, or so they tell me

The Leafs have hired Dave Farrish as a new assistant coach.  Like new head coach Randy Carlyle, he was a Leaf blueliner from days of yore.  Where Randy was traded away while still a youngster, Dave was around for a … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, Randy

I had this smart-alecky little post all set up in which I noted that Ron Wilson was an ex-Leaf defenseman who came up in the ’70s on those well-coached Roger Neilson teams.  He’d gone on to some pretty good success … Continue reading

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