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More tinkering with the 70-71 customs

Fixing the 1970-71 Topps/OPC hockey set is becoming a minor obsession.  All the way back here (images on the link are dead, so it’s of limited use until I fix them) I noted that the set was basically an inverted 1971 … Continue reading

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Minor Monkeying with the custom Gordie

When I made this custom on Friday, I mentioned that I still thought the colours were a bit off and this was noticeable in the green of the Hartford sweater. I found that all the Whalers images in that set … Continue reading

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The Gordie I never got to pull

I missed pulling Gordie Howe cards by a year. Now, this also means I missed pulling Wayne Gretzky rookie cards straight out of the pack, but I rationalize this by realizing I would have surely dumped them all in trades. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mr. Hockey!

Gordie Howe turns 86 today, which means that he has now been retired (34 years) for as long as his NHL/WHA career actually took to play (1946-80). The most famous card of Gordie is probably his RC.  One that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Aussie rules? Of course it does!

These cards were produced within a few months of each other, half a world apart.  Both have designs used under license from Topps. One depicts Wayne Gordon of Melbourne Football club, the other Gordie Howe of the Hartford Whalers.  They … Continue reading

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Another birthday – Gordie’s 85th

I missed the day for Bobby Orr last week, but I won’t miss this one.  Gordie Howe is 85 this weekend.  That doesn’t make me feel old as Gordie was always old (whereas Bobby Orr is perpetually young and the … Continue reading

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Never too late for a Gordie

Happy 84th birthday, big guy!  Here’s to continued health and good fortune. I’m a little late to the party, but at least it isn’t midnight yet.  It’s still technically the birthday. Gordie Howe’s story isn’t unfamiliar to much of anyone.  … Continue reading

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The Top 11 of 2011 – Gordie and the Mick

For me, 2011 was the year of the completed vintage set.  While I made a post about 1963-64 Topps being complete back in November, that was actually just one of eight different sets that got finished this year.  This was … Continue reading

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Simply Awesome – Gordie Howe 1979-80 OPC

A few days back, Night Owl brought up the notion of a fitting final card for a player.  The first thing that jumped to my mind was this – the 1979-80 OPC Gordie Howe.  I love this card.  I saw … Continue reading

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