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The best Toronto Expo yet (1971 baseball everywhere!)

The blog went dormant for a long time.  There are myriad reasons for this, most notably that I’ve been absurdly busy, but just as important is that for most of this year, I’ve been poking away at the 1971 high … Continue reading

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May you live in interesting times (and ’71 ball!)

“Interesting times” means things like blogs fall by the wayside for a spell.  I’ve got scans of all the great things Fuji sent me, but can’t write any of them up yet because I need to research them to sound … Continue reading

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Mostly meaningless milestones – 1971 OPC baseball

This card was the 638th I obtained in my quest to complete 1971 OPC baseball. The significance of that number isn’t immediately apparent, but given that there are 523 cards in the “easy” (and long-since finished) part of the set, … Continue reading

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600 cards (1971 OPC baseball) – and Ernie Banks

1971 O-Pee-Chee baseball is evil. I know that many collectors out there will tell me of the perils of the 1972 Topps high series or 1952 Topps with its Mickey Mantle cards that cost more than a new family sedan. … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge on a 1971 Yaz

I hate buying things sight unseen.  While some people are bang on in their grading, others are a good grade – if not two – high in their assessments.  If a card has four bashed corners and a crease, it … Continue reading

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The ’69 Perranoksi variation that wasn’t and a 1971 milestone of sorts

This is a 1969 Ron Perranoski – once of the Dodgers, now of the Twins.  Sharp-eyed observers will note that Ron’s cap still displays a partly-visible “LA.”  Most ’69 Perranoskis do not.  The “LA” is covered with a dark-coloured blob … Continue reading

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A page of 1971 ball

This is the first page of my 1971 binder.  I completed it about a year ago when I finally got my hands on a nice-looking Thurman Munson. The cards here aren’t perfect.  Numbers 1, 2 and 9 are kind of … Continue reading

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