May you live in interesting times (and ’71 ball!)

“Interesting times” means things like blogs fall by the wayside for a spell.  I’ve got scans of all the great things Fuji sent me, but can’t write any of them up yet because I need to research them to sound like I have a vague sense of what I’m talking about.

However, this happened, and it speaks for itself, mostly:

1971 OPC baseball - cards 676-684

Yes, complete pages from 1971 baseball are not uncommon.  What’s the deal?

Well, it’s this:

1971 OPC baseball - cards 676-684 backs

This is the first page of the OPC high numbers I’ve managed to complete, almost six years after starting to build the set.  If one wants to get really pedantic, it’s the second, since I also have the last page done, but this is the first 9-card sheet of highs I have.  Jack DiLauro was the straggler.

As is obvious, by the last couple of series, OPC had given up on the redesign of the back and abandoned the French text.  I’m not sure whether they got in trouble for this, but I note that in 1972. they didn’t bother with the high series at all and stopped the set at 525 cards.  Most likely (IMO) they were knee-deep in hockey and didn’t want to spend the effort on the baseball anymore.

77 cards to go.

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6 Responses to May you live in interesting times (and ’71 ball!)

  1. briandoneal says:

    Very nice! Say, I still have that little stack of 1965 O-Pee-Chee Baseball doubles with your name on it. If you e-mail me your address, I will mail them out to you! brian dot d dot oneal at gmail dot com

  2. Mark Hoyle says:

    Good deal. Those o pee chee hi numbers are tough. I still need the Yaz to complete my Sox set from 71. There’s a couple of short prints in there as well

  3. nighttimeowl says:

    Wow, they’re in immaculate shape, too.

    • 1967ers says:

      I’ve been trying to be as picky as I can reasonably get away with. I’m mostly trying for EXMT, but I get more flexible as things get more pricey. 🙂

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