Christmas comes early – Fuji-style

When I finished off the last post, I mused that I needed a new project – something that shouldn’t be a bank buster and something that feels a little different than what I’ve been doing lately.

That very day, an envelope arrived at the house.

It was a large envelope from California, and I cringed a little at this because I know what happens when one combines large envelopes with international postage.  I’ve tried to become adept at maxing out the little mailers that don’t (yet) count as packages.

I remembered that when Fuji had asked me what I was interested in collecting, I mentioned that I had virtually no basketball at all, so any commons would be cool. I mused that this package might have some 80s Fleer or some such.  That would be neat.

Then I opened it:

lots od old stuff

Oh, my

Now, this is awesome.

That first block of four? 1972 Topps.  The next two? 1978.  The third? 1975.  I had a few of these from Mark Hoyle a few months back and thought they were neat and worth pursuing, but this brings it to a whole ‘nother level.

Part of the reason I’ve always liked old cards is that they offered a chance to learn things about people I never saw play.  This gives me a whole new sport!  I mean – the top of the second package is a player from the “Tams!”  What on earth is a Tam?  I have no idea!  It’s wonderful!

Given the sorry state of my hockey team and the fact that the local basketball club is actually competent again, I’ve been meaning to give this sport more attention.  This gets me going.

I had to resist my normal urge to tear everything open.  I am rationing myself with these. One per week, and then I will be able to post some highlights.

Thanks so much, Fuji.  I will scour around for more Padres and A’s and so forth. 🙂

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3 Responses to Christmas comes early – Fuji-style

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    Let me know which set you go for. I have a few dupes still. Don’t know what a Tam is but Johnny Nuemann was an absolute stud in college. Had a couple of good years in the ABA.

  2. shanediaz82 says:

    Cool stuff! I’m not a basketball guy, but like you appreciate anything that is foreign to me in the world of sports. Looking forward to seeing some of these…

  3. sanjosefuji says:

    When I was packaging them… I tripped out over some of those team names. I don’t collect basketball anymore, so I’m glad you’re willing to give these a good home.

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