Love’s Last At-Bat

Steve Staggs 1978 OPC

Why is this card so ugly? Who is this player? Can we feed him?

I’ve talked before about Cardboard Gods, both the book (which I am now halfway through) and the blog, which is basically a team-agnostic baseball-oriented Leaf of the Day (which I have been very lax with, I know).

Quietly, though, Cardboard Gods has been waging/documenting one of the most dramatic battles of our time.  In a single-combat winner-takes-all showdown, Love is facing off against Hate.  Sadly, as it seems to occur far too often in this world, hate is on the verge of winning, with love literally down to its last strikes.  I don’t know what it says for us all if this is indeed the final conclusion, but it sure can’t say anything good.

The full text is on PPP, though it probably belongs here, given that it has very limited hockey content (read: none).

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