Good thing Bobby speaks for himself

Bobby Hull - 1962-63 ToppsI’ve been up to my eyeballs and any thoughts of a richer post today went up in smoke when the snowstorm hit and brought hours of shoveling in its wake.  So in lieu of anything thoughtful, I offer this.  This card puts me one huge step closer to a complete 1962-63 Topps set and completes my run of Bobby Hull (so long as I don’t count the 1971 Topps leader card and/or any Topps card that had a matching OPC – my rules, I make ’em up).

Bobby Hull was the biggest star Topps had through the early 1960s and they always made a point of finding a good picture of him.  His cards always look great and are the showpieces of the set.

This card captures the first time he’d hit for 50 goals.  It tied him with the Rocket and Geoffrion and set the stage for breaking that barrier a few years later.

Bobbu Hull - 1962-63 Topps back

They called him the Mickey Mantle of hockey. It would prove true on a number of levels.

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  1. shanediaz82 says:

    Wow, great card!

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